Alluring Design


Jayne Goulding Design explores, discovers and leverages expertise in the embroidery craft to create vibrant and varied contemporary designs.

Jayne Goulding works collaboratively with clients and to briefs. This collaboration finds the right alluring design, drawing on research and ideas from the design archive and joining that up with the clients vision and research.



‘Perfection and
imperfection in nature’

The design practice's creative process includes sketching and exploration of colour, trend and market research, fabric research, collage, digital processes and sampling before arriving at a final embroidery design swatch.


The designs translate into collections which are formed across a range of fabrics with techniques including; hand guided Irish machine work, beading, digital embroidery and fabric manipulation. Collections employ considered techniques, palettes and fabric choices that come together to inspire both buyers and designers.


Experimentation with colour and fabric is the starting point, using innovative techniques this is then combined with sketch work, mixed media textiles and other material combinations to inform sampling where the design is developed. The sample designs are then worked across a number of fabrics using a variety of high-shine viscose, frosted matt, wool, metallic and other threads. From there embroidery design swatches are created retaining the hand drawn quality, fluidity and layering approach representative of the initial sketching and early processes.


Jayne Goulding Design shows collections seasonally at Première Vision in Paris, and visits repeat clients in USA and Europe. The design practice has a fashion and interior client list emanating from China, Europe, Japan, South Asia, UK and USA.